By Adlab

Washington, DC- Karen Flayhart, Communications Manager for the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) has agreed to offer the book TEN WAYS TO SCREW UP AN AD CAMAPIGN to the NAB's membership through its online store ( The NAB represents radio and television stations, nationwide. NAB offers publications that will help its members operate their properties more effectively. TEN WAYS was authored by Adlab Media Communications principal Barry Cohen. Released in September of 2001, the book guides smaller businesses on how to advertise more effectively. NAB's member stations can use the book to educate both their advertising sales staffs and their advertising clients.; NAB displays books like TEN WAYS at their trade shows, as well.
The NAB offering is the second of its type. The RAB (Radio Advertisng Bureau) in Dallas struck a similar deal with Cohen, and offers TEN WAYS TO SCREW UP AN AD CAMPAIGN through its online store (
Adlab is a four year-old ad agency, media buying service & production house headquartered in Clifton, NJ. The company plans, creates and places broadcast advertising campaigns nationwide, for smaller, emerging brands of consumer products, primarily in the health, home improvement & travel fields.

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