Startup Smarts Book Excerpted in Legal Zoom Newsletter
By Adlab

Barry Cohen,co-author of the book Startup Smarts; The Thinking Entrepreneur's Guide to Starting & Growing Your Business, announced that Legal Zoom is now excerpting segments of the book in its on-line newsletter. Startup Smarts is Cohen's second book, following the successful publication of his previous book, 10 Ways to Screw Up an Ad Campaign. Both books are from Adams Media of Avon, Massachusetts, the business book division of F&W publications in Cincinnati.

According to Cohen, Startup Smarts takes the neophyte entrepreneur by the hand and lays out a comprehensive plan for everything he or she will need to do and to know before starting his or her new enterprise. The title covers everything from legal structure and business formation, to taxes and accounting, to funding and financing, to sales and marketing, to employee development and employment practices, to exit strategy. The book provides a resource guide and profiles with successful entrepreneurs, as well.

Cohen, principal at Clifton, NJ's AdLab Media Communications, LLC ( a self-described "bootstrap entrepreneur", co-authored the book with Houston-based serial entrepreneur Michael Rybarski. In addition to their two complimentary real-world experiences, the authors interviewed attorneys, accountants, investment bankers, business and franchise brokers and other experts to ensure deep coverage of the subject matter.

"With so many people downsized in mid-life during the current recession, many of them will simply not find suitable employment, and will have to put themselves to work. The same applies to recent graduates entering a tight job market. This book will help them do just that--even if they've never attempted it before," affirms Cohen.

Legal Zoom ( provides on-line forms to businesses and individuals for everything from incorporation to wills. Co-founder of Legal Zoom Brian Liu endorsed Startup Smarts, saying "It's an excellent guide for any new entrepreneur looking to get a leg up." Liu's comments appear on the front cover of the book. After receiving his positive endorsement, Cohen asked Liu if he would like to run excerpts from the book in the LegalZoom newsletter. Those excerpts first appeared in the October 27th issue. Each article links to for those wishing to purchase the book. Startup Smarts is also sold through Financial Advisor magazine's website through a special arrangement with the publisher.

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