AdLab IP Creation
AdLab Publishing Establishes You as a Thought Leader
In academia, the mantra has always been "publish or perish." Now, the same applies to business. The most recognizable business leaders are revered as experts in their space. In order to become the high-profile guru, you need to create your own personal intellectual property platform. This positions you as a thought leader, raising your credibility in the business community.

Achieve Expert Status
AdLab will help you mount a campaign that positions you and your firm as the experts. We help you to build out a complete product line of proprietary intellectual property that showcases your expertise. Your program may include some or all of the following items:
Books Audio Books Articles
Audio CD's Videos, DVD's Webinars
Teleseminars  Live Speaking Engagements

Raise Your Profile
The objective is to raise your firm's profile, accelerate its credibility in the marketplace and create a climate favorable to sales that will attract prospective clients to engage with you. After creating the above materials, AdLab will help you systematically publish and promote them. We use a variety of vehicles, including a content management system to store and distribute your digital assets on-line to relevant websites, blogs, social networks, directories, in addition to wire services and direct pitches to traditional media outlets. See our author testimonials below...

Author Testimonials...
"You did in two weeks what I could not complete in five years! Thank you."
--Liadi Belo-Osagie, author, In Search of the American Dream; I Found It.
"Thank you for your vision and everything you did."
--Herb Palmer, Jr, author, The Lobster & The Chicken
"Barry Cohen's editing expertise was invaluable during the process of completing the novel."
--Todd Smith, author, I Pledge Allegiance
"I am in gratitude for the magic you put into the creation of this book. Always know the magnitude of your great talent. Barry's expertise, creativity and passion for helping others rise to their potential touched me in a powerful way during the time he spent as my editor and public relations consultant."
--Dr. Catherine P. Perry, author, Courageous Wake
"I cannot thank you enough. It was through your guidance, patience and quiet wisdom that the book developed into what it is."
--Esther Adler, author, Breaking the Chains to Freedom; Finding the Power Within You
"Thank you for helping me be clear in communicating my story."
--Helen M. Williams, author, Coach Like a Mother
"I really appreciate the extra effort in making this the best it can be. Barry's work ethic and mindset have been exemplary! He has pushed me in a way that has brought out so much more than I could ever have imagined. Without Barry's unique experience, I'd never have stretched myself this far."
--Karlene Sinclair Robinson, author, Spank the Bank; THE Guide to Alternative Business Financing
"This is a dream come true!! It couldn't have happened without you. This is only the beginning."
--Walter Townes, co-author, Comin' Home

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