AdLab Author Publishing Guidelines
Are You Ready?
Ask Yourself These Questions...
How serious are you about completing, publishing and promoting your work?
Authorship is not for the faint of heart. Producing good work requires hard work-several rounds of revisions to a manuscript until it is publication-ready.
How much time can you devote to working with our team to produce and market your work?
Taking a book from concept to outline to draft to completion; actively promoting your work and responding to press inquiries demands a significant time commitment.
Are you prepared to invest your own funds to produce and market your work?
Except for celebrities, scandals and recognized experts, the doors at nearly every traditional publishing house are closed to almost every new author. You need to have "skin in the game"-to prove to publishers that you believe in your work enough to invest your own money in it.
Do you have the patience to take all the steps to achieve success?
It's a fast-moving world, but you still have to "pay your dues". If you follow our lead, you can build traction in the marketplace and get your work noticed. Even the best works still take time to achieve recognition.
If you answered "YES" to all of the above, then we should talk.
Please call us any time Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM EST at 973-580-3534
to discuss your publishing project.

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