By NYMRAD New York Market Radio

Sept-Oct 1999
In 1998, Anchor Concrete Products, a manufacturer of driveway paving stones and garden wall retaining stones, decided to switch its advertising dollars from cable and print to radio, by using a popular morning personality and tagging individual stone yards and home centers throughout the Tri-State Area.
How well did it work?
According to Barry Cohen, principal of Clifton, NJ-based ad agency, Ad lab Media Communications, Anchor's deliveries to retailers increased by 33% over the previous year. Anchor continued its radio this year and subsequently increased its daily delivery of truckloads from 60 to 90--a 50% jump over 1998's performance. In fact, one of the dealers tagged on the commercials--Structural Stone of Fairfield, NJ--experienced a 65% increase over last year.

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